By: Suebrett Tonic 

Lately I've been getting several requests from potential home buyers and investors looking for a good deal in Las Vegas...ideally for single-family homes under $100,000. Sounds like a long shot, right? Believe it or not there are homes available to buy in Las Vegas for $100,000 or less...and not just condos or townhomes! 

Now these may not be your forever home - and they may need rehab to become a little more cozy if you intend to live in the home - but by putting a little "sweat equity" now you could turn a savvy buy today into some serious equity in the future. 

Over the years, several clients regret that they didn't buy when the market tanked in 2010. Short sales and foreclosures that were purchased then have become excellent equity machines for investors these days.

Can you still get a good deal on real estate in Las Vegas? The answer is...YES! 

Search Homes In Las Vegas For Under $100,000

These entry level or investment homes are a great start to becoming a homeowner in Las Vegas. There are still many advantages to buying a home. When I counsel new buyers or clients who are currently renting we often discuss what those advantages are as it pertains to their unique situation. 

Here is the shortlist of some of the reasons you may want to consider buying a home rather than renting:

Benefits of Buying A Home 

  • Tax Advantages 
  • Building Future Equity 
  • Predictable & Stable Monthly Housing Costs 
  • Greater Privacy 
  • Mortgage Payment Likely Less Than Monthly Rent In Las Vegas 

Even if you are working on repairing your credit or perhaps unsure where to begin with investing there is a path to home ownership for everyone! 

Have you considered buying a home?

Are you thinking about investing in Las Vegas real estate? 

For additional information about becoming a homeowner, contact Suebrett Tonic with The John & Tonic Group at Keller Williams Realty Southwest at (702) 400-3881 to further explore entry level homes or investing in homes under $100,000 in Las Vegas

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