By: Suebrett Tonic

It's that time of year, again...pumpkins, skeletons, and vampires are being replaced with pilgrims and Christmas trees. I'm always surprised when I hear there is hesitancy to sell a home during this time of year as this is possibly one of the BEST times of year to sell your property. Wondering how that's possible? Read on...

Top 5 Reasons Selling During The Holidays Is A Savvy Idea:  


  1. Supply & Demand - Many Sellers take their homes off the market during this time which means you end up having less competition from other homes for sale. Less homes to choose from means more demand for your property. This demand tends to create competition which could potentially raise the selling price of your home and help it sell faster. 
  2. Curb Appeal - Decorated for the holidays your home and the surrounding neighborhood will show at its absolute best. This allows potential buyers to envision celebrating their next holiday season in your home. Simple staging techniques can help you make your home cozy and warm for every showing. Check out our 15 Point Marketing Plan for additional information about what The John & Tonic Group does to market properties to sell. 
  3. Serious Buyers - Buyers who are out looking at homes during this time of year are serious about buying. There are plenty of distractions during this time of year so if looking for a new home is a top priority you can bet there is an reason for the urgency. 
  4. Financial Considerations - Historically interest rates tend to drop from November to January. They will fluctuate and rise eventually, but not usually during this time of year. Buyers will take advantage of this incentive. Plus, there are plenty of down payment assistance programs you can also take advantage of to assist with the expenses of buying. 
  5. Timing Is Everything - With time off for the holiday season many buyers would like to secure a property before the end of the year to take advantage of potential tax benefits, school vacations for transitioning to a new school/home, and for vacation time off for moving and settling in. 

Keep in mind that if your property sells during the holiday season that your agent can possibly negotiate a contingency in your contract allowing extra time for you to vacate AFTER the holidays if it fits your situation. There are several reasons why selling during the holiday season may be the most wonderful time of year to sell. 

If you're considering selling or buying your home during the holiday season, let one of our professional team members assist you with this important transaction. The John & Tonic Group with Keller Williams Realty Southwest is a team of full-time Realtors with over 20 years of experience in the Las Vegas market. Whether you are buying a home, selling a home, or want to search the MLS in real time our team of experts is prepared to help you.