Buying Your Home With The John & Tonic Group

Your home is going to be one of the most important purchases of your life. Not only is your home the place where memories are created, but your home is an investment in your financial future. Today's buyer realizes the financial benefits of owning versus renting and they need an agent with strong negotiation skills to make that happen efficiently.

It is no longer enough to simply identify a property online and make a call to see it with the agent who placed the ad online. You need an agent with knowledge of properties before they hit the open market and the ability to negotiate acceptance of your offer over other competing offers.

Many home buyers are selling their property and using that sale as leverage to purchase their next home. This domino purchase requires a strong plan of attack to be smooth and efficient. It goes without saying that you want an agent with experiences in making this transition as seamless as possible...this is where The John & Tonic Group comes in. 

Steps To Buying With The John & Tonic Group:

  • Creating Your Buying Plan
  • Obtaining Strong Financing
  • Scheduling Home Tours That Fit Your Availability
  • Protecting Your Interests Contractually
  • Educating You On The Buying Process
  • Coordinating Inspections & Signings

Let Experience Speak For Itself

Experience is earned over time, and when it comes to one of the most important transactions you may ever be involved in you want to know that your representative knows how to protect you and guide you along the way. We have over 25 years of experience in the Las Vegas market and we feel confident that this is to your benefit. We are education based, goal oriented, and continuously engaging in learning opportunities to perfect our craft. Let us show you how we can put this experience to work for you! 

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